We are naughty clouds


Naughty Clouds is a vigorous music duo led by Alexis Moon and Ray Kubian. They are a Brooklyn/New Jersey meeting of the minds, and they like to sing songs and beat on things.


Vocals, Guitar / Alexis Moon
Vocals, Drums / Ray Kubian



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           Photo by Jenny Lee Baniszewski

News & Updates

December 2017 news and updates...


Happy Holidays from Naughty Clouds!! We hope you are enjoying the weather. It's the new normal before the flood. Enjoy it! (Now you know why the name Naughty Clouds...)

No, but seriously folks, everything is just hard, isn't it? Which is why we are all set to name our debut album Everything's Hard, after our song of the same name.

So, please keep an eye out for our album pre-sale and IndieGoGo campaign. A link should be just to the right of this message on the screen...

For shows this December, we've got 12/16 in Ridgewood, Queens and, John & Peter's in New Hope on 12/30. Click the 'Shows' tab for more info.

In January, we will begin recording but we will still have a few shows to look forward to...1/18 in Point Pleasant, PA and 1/25 in Philly at Connie's Ric Rac. Save the dates!!


Naughty Clouds

by Naughty Clouds


Our upcoming debut album is due April 2018! Keep an ear out for it!